Thursday, November 9, 2017

Hello Comic Art Fans!

Here are some quick art for sale updates:

25% off of ALL of Eddy Barrows' artwork, including his Batmen/Detective art and all covers. Sale ends mid-December! wants you to start the holiday season off right with a 20% OFF sale on ALL original art from several artists on their website. The sale ends November 30th. First come first serve, payment required at time of purchase. Click here for more info!

There was also new art for sale posted over at Got Super Powers, Koch Comic Art, Brit Comics Art, Dave Karlen, Anthony Snyder and Felix Comic Art. Check out our Dealer For Sale page for the most recent updates!

Bill Cox - Jonah Hex, Excalibur & Dilbert Original Art In This Sunday’s Auction
A Few Sample Lots:
Dick Ayers and Tony DeZuniga Jonah Hex #49 Complete 17-Page Story Original Art (DC, 1981)
Alan Davis and Mark Farmer Excalibur #55 Page 14 Original Art (Marvel, 1992)
Scott Adams Dilbert Daily Comic Strip Original Art dated 3-27-96 (United Feature Syndicate, 1996)
Also check out the latest in the Comic Market at Heritage.


HAKES Newest Auction Closing Soon

The last auction in Hake’s Americana’s 50th Anniversary year closes in just under a week! While the 2,400+ lot auction features 200 different collecting categories, certain selections are sure to excite comic art fans, as they include 

The auction closes November 14-16. Register to bid online at where you can also place your bids!

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News of the Week
11.8.2017: Hake’s Newest Auction Closing Soon!

11.7.2017: Got Super Powers has posted new art for sale

11.7.2017: Holiday sale at

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11.6.2017: Felix Comic Art New DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON original art drops Tues

11.6.2017: Eddy Barrows Art Sale

11.3.2017: Wylie Beckert Some updates from Reign of Sin

11.3.2017: Will's Comic Art Page JLA-themed site update

11.2.2017: 20% Off all EDDY BARROWS Artwork

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