Thursday, February 8, 2018

Hello Comic Art Fans!

We've got a few art for sale updates this week:

The original cover art from The Amazing Spider-Man #100, considered one of the most iconic Silver Age covers ever produced, could sell for as much as $300,000 when it goes up for bid at Heritage Auctions Feb. 22-24. Artists John Romita Sr.’s and Frank Giacoia’s iconic portrayal of the web-slinger and dozens of famous cannon characters marks the first time the artwork has ever been offered at auction. You can read more from Heritage's release here.

Bill Cox - Batman, Star Trek & Sandman Original Art In This Sunday’s Auction
A Few Sample Lots:
Neal Adams and Dick Giordano Batman: Stacked Cards [Book and Record Set] #PR27 Story Page 15 Joker Original Art (Power Records, 1975)
Neal Adams Studio Star Trek: The Crier in Emptiness PR-26 Cover and Partial Story Pages 9-11 Original Art Group of 4 (Power Records, 1975)
Jill Thompson and Vince Locke Sandman V2#46 Story Page 8 Dream Original Art (DC, 1993)
Also check out the latest in the Comic Market at Heritage.

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