Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dear Comic Art Fan,

First off, Craig Hamilton, known for his work on titles like Aquaman, Fables, and many others, recently announced that he is having a Fire Sale for all the work in his CAF gallery. All prices are negotiable because everything has to go. This is a great opportunity to purchase some wonderful art that Craig is offering to fans and collectors first. Take a look to see if anything strikes your fancy.

Next, Cliff Chiang, currently working on the Greendale graphic novel, put out a call that he is looking for scans of commissions he has done in the past. He is putting together a sketchbook and would like to feature the very best examples of his work. If you have a piece that would like to offer, be sure to check out his website for contact info.

And finally, the organizers of the third annual Wonder Woman Day, a fundraiser for Domestic Violence Shelters and Crisis Line charities, are looking for artists to contribute pieces to this year's auction. Last year they raised over $27,000 with contributions from many CAF members including Billy TucciAllison Sohn, Oliver Nome, Greg Moutafis, Tom Hodges, Cat Staggs, and Stephane Roux. The deadline to donate is October 1, 2008 but the soon it's in the better so you can be listed in the promotional material. All interested parties, please click here for more information.

See you next week. Enjoy the Labor Day Weekend!

Colin Solan
CAF Assistant


ComicLink Art Auction Ends Soon

The ComicLink Featured Auction, showcasing impressive Original Art works and vintage comic books from the Golden Age to the present day, is ending soon (the evening of Friday, August 29th)!  Among the highlights are Kirby, Ditko, and Severin Incredible Hulk origin pages that have not seen the light of day in many years, and work by great artists like Frank Miller, George Perez, Frank Frazetta and Graham Ingels. To view the OA in the auction, click here!

Premium Member of the Week :: gregg kopsa

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am the mailroom supervisor for a large corporation, a title that is a bit presumptive since I am an army of one. I live in a semi remote area of the north Idaho mountains, our life style is a bit unique since we live off the electrical grid. This means we produce our own electricity by use of a propane generator and have an alternate 12 volt power supply when its not running. We have all the modern amenities like satellite TV and Internet. Our house is located on 20 wooded acres with Gold Creek and a small waterfall on our property. We heat our house with wood and have a wood cook stove as well. My wife and I have a passion for hunting, fishing, and foraging for wild mushrooms.

Conan is my all time favorite character, I grew up reading Howard, Burroughs, Moorcock and developed an affinity for the barbarians and sword and sorcery. I started reading comics around 1962, so I cut my teeth on all them early Marvel characters and Superman.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my wife Cindy for her support and contributions to my collection.

2. What is your favorite piece in your gallery and why?

Whew, choosing a favorite piece is so hard. I had to narrow it down to my current top three favorites. Tim Vigil's Death Dealer pinup came out on top. Its such a dynamic piece showing Frazetta's character in all his prowess about to deliver a killing blow. Tim is truly a modern master of the medium. The other two were Timothy Truman's Conan tpb cover for Songs of the Dead and my newest acquisition Nat Jones Death Dealer painting for the cover of Death Dealer #6

3. How long have you been collecting comic art and what prompted you to start?

My first piece of original art was a sketch by Joe Kubert of the Enemy Ace which I got at a small convention in 1988. I had found a couple of other pages at flea markets after that but I discovered the Internet and eBay about eight years ago. I saw a page for Joe Vigil's "Gunfighters in Hell" on eBay and emailed him, this led to my purchasing the eight page Gunfighters story "Reflections of a Soul" and a new passion rapidly spiraled out of control from there. My byline has been "If collecting is an illness, I must be terminal." The Internet has been a fantastic tool, allowing me to make contact and establish friendships with artists that I could only admire from afar before.

4. How do you display/store your collection at home?

I currently have 12 pieces hanging in my home, so much art and so few walls. The rest are stored in Itoya porfolios.

5. What are your top five most wanted original pages or commissions?

Top five pieces I would like to add to my collection would be.
  1. A Frazetta drawing, since the paintings are obviously out of my reach. I have seen many pieces but none have spoken to me yet so just waiting for that special one.
  2. A painting by Tim Vigil. Tim does a lot a paintings but not many people know about them as they are not published, I have my eye on one now but that's a ways down the road yet.
  3  A commission by Francesco Francavilla of Cthulhu.
  4  A piece of art from Billy George (I've been stalking him for years now).
  5  A commission by Moritat.

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