Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dear Comic Art Fan,

Comic artist superstar and CAF member Frank Cho is doing double duty this week as both the Supergirl Pinup he contributed to the Siegel & Shuster Society and the She-Hulk sketch cover he drew for the Hero Initiative are currently blowing up on eBay. This is a great example of how the comic community steps up to help those in need. Thanks to Frank and all of the contributors to both worthy projects.

See you next week!

Colin Solan
CAF Assistant

Premium Member of the Week :: Steven Morger

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.
I learned to read on comic books (Mom said don't care what you read, just read) and have continued reading them since I was six or seven (I'm now 48).  I started collecting art when my comic collection started getting out of hand and have been collecting art for about 15 years.  I fund my habit by practicing law as a real estate litigator in California.  My other pursuits include teaching advanced real estate law at the University of California, Berkeley's School of Law (which I've done for almost 15 years) and assisting various artists both with their art sales as well as business advice.  I am also one of the owners of a small comic book convention in San Jose, California -- Super-Con.
2. What is your favorite piece in your gallery?

Hard one to answer.  My focus lately has been on art by artists with whom I am friends.  I've been lucky enough to get some really, really nice pieces by Travis Charest, Frank Cho, Ernie Chan, Alex Nino, Tony DeZuniga, Mark Texeira, Liam Sharp, Sanjulian, Ray Lago, Dan Brereton, Jim Silke, Val Mayerik and Mike Bair (and others) but my one favorite would have to be the art for "Sins of Prima" by Dave Stevens.  I had asked Dave about this piece for years before we became good enough friends that he agreed to part with it.  One of his favorite pieces and mine -- it'll always have a good home so long as I have a say in the matter.  Rest well, Dave!
3. How long have you been collecting art and what prompted you to start?
I bought my first pieces of art at Bay-Con in, I think, 1976.  A beautiful woman by Frank Brunner and a second piece of a barbarian by Jesse Santos.  I still have both of them.  I took a hiatus on art through college and law school before going back to the San Diego Comic-Con in 1993.  At that point, the original art bug bit hard and hasn't let up since.  

4. How do you display/store your art at home?
We recently built an addition to our house to allow me to display art, toys and books.  So, now, many of my pieces are framed (by Steve Wyatt) and proudly on display.  The balance of my collection is housed in a 7 foot gun safe (fire and water proof). 
5. What are your top five most wanted pieces?
Hellstorm #1 by Mike Bair -- this was the first piece of art that made me wake up and take notice of Mike's art.  Since Mike and I have gone on to be the best of friends, this is somewhat of a grail.  As luck would have it, Mike left it in my art safe on one of his (now) infrequent visits to California so I get to see it whenever I want.  However, he still won't part with ownership of it and refuses to understand the collector's need to own his grails.  :)
An Aparo Spectre cover from the Adventure run.  I have the complete story to Adventure #431 and would love to have a cover to go with the story.  A close second would be the other covers Aparo did for the 100 page Detective issues.
Dave Stevens - a number of pieces.  Cheval Noir "Masques" and Bettie's Boudoir are both grails.
Frank Brunner - Man-Thing #1 and Giant-Size Man-Thing #4 covers (honorable mentions:  Howard the Duck and Dr. Strange covers)
Steve Fabian - original art for his Fantastic Nudes portfolios.
Honorable mentions:  Warren Vampirella art.  Doesn't make the top five since I already have so much of it.  But I still LOVE it.
Nestor Redondo - any and all pages from Rima the Jungle Girl and DC's The Bible Treasury.  Possibly the prettiest comic art ever created.  Again doesn't make the cut since I already own so much of it but, damn, it's nice.

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