Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dear Comic Art Fan,

On November 2, 2008, legendary underground cartoonist S. Clay Wilson of Zap Comix fame suffered a serious brain injury. His recovery will be long and difficult, and he is currently too disoriented to return home to his normal life.

With expenses mounting, long-time friend and musician Dave Hodtwalker has invited Wilson's friends and supporters in the San Francisco Bay Area to attend a Blues Benefit on Saturday, January 24th at The Mojo Lounge in Fremont. The Dave Walker Band, featuring Hodtwalker, Kenny Gross, Vic and Whitt Vicena, and Roger Lind, will be performing a smokin' gig! In addition, there will be pizza, pasta and salad provided, and an art sale with Wilson's comic books and other collectibles. At the end of the evening a special raffle will be held. Prizes include: Wilson comix and magazines donated by Hippy Comix, Inc., Mark Bode, Bob Levin, Black Swan Press, and Apex Novelties, music CDs, amplifier service coupons donated by Father's Amp Repair, wine baskets, original art and prints by Underground Comix master Spain, and paintings and drawings by Annette Hodtwalker, and more! There will be a suggested donation of $10 at the door. People who wish to stay for that evening's 9:30 Sonny Rhodes performance will not be charged an additional cover charge.

See you next week.

Premium Member of the Week :: Daniel Partouche

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Daniel Partouche. I am a 27 year old Assistant Director of Graduate Career Services at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. My love of comics began around the age of 13.  My mother, worried about having her son grow up with out a father figure "encouraged" comics and collecting as a constructive outlet of my free time.  Growing up in Miami allowed me to visit Eddie's Newsstand to pick up new books ever week or so.

Weekly I would ride to pick up any new books that had come in off the rack. I can remember picking up copies of Superman, Batman, Wolverine, and X-Men by Jim Lee and various other titles. One of my fondest memories was meeting Jim Lee at a local comic store signing around the time of Heroes Reborn was released. I remember waking up my mother at 4am saying "We have to go meet Jim Lee!" I would meet Jim again 14 years later (about 8 months ago) and it felt like I was that 13 year old kid again.

I stopped collecting around the time I entered college. Funds were low and comics were a luxury I could not afford. It was not until my senior year that the comic bug bit me again in the form of my mother passing away. Remembering how important collecting and comics were to my mother, I decided to go to a local comic store and see what was new. This was the same week that Batman #608 hit the stands, coincidence? I think not! Till this day I will purchase any thing and every thing Jim Lee related.

Currently I go to any and all shows in the South East to get sketches and autographs and pick up books new comics every Wednesday.

2. Which is your favorite piece in your gallery and why?

This is like asking a parent to pick his favorite child. If I was to pick one I would have to pick my Jim Lee Fallen Son. As mentioned earlier I was able to meet Jim a second time at a store signing in Orlando earlier this year. I drove three hours and was first in line at 6am, Jim wasn’t signing till 10. Jim signed all my books (had about 100 of them) but wasn’t sketching. After waiting for 13 hours Jim was kind enough to do a Captain America Sketch on a Fallen before the signing was over and personalize it "To Danny, My #1 Fan from Miami!"

3. How long have you been collecting comic art and what prompted you to start?

Honestly I have not been collecting for very long. What really prompted my collecting was Marvel's creation of the Fallen Son #3 Blank Sketch Cover. When I saw this book in Previews I immediately ordered 100 blanks. My goal was to collect 100 unique sketch covers and put them in a book similar to the Ultimate Spider-Man #100 Project and more recently the Hulk #1 Project. I have collected over 85 right now, with hopes to get all 100 done around the time of MegaCon. Ideally, I would like Hero Initiative to produce the book and dedicate it my parents and all those who have lost someone before their time, with proceeds going to Hero and the American Cancer Foundation (both my parents passed away from a form of cancer).
Collecting Fallen Son sketches is a true labor of love. What even makes it better is having a place such as Comic Art Fans to display the books. I also have to say that seeing other fantastic Fallen Son collections such as Raph Loh's and Jeff & Rooster's and the support I get from guys on the CGC signature forums, keep me motivated to complete the 100. 
In addition to Fallen Sons I collect, Secret Invasion and other comic sketch covers, Superman pages and Worlds Finest commissions. Superman was always one of my favorite characters and I loved reading stories when Superman and Batman teamed up. Together they seemed unstoppable, truly worlds finest.

4. How do you display/store your collection at home?

When I acquire a new piece it is immediately scanned and placed on here and posted on the CGCcomics forums. Many of my Fallen Sons have been encapsulated and are store in boxes. My other commissions are either hanging on my wall in my second bedroom at home or in portfolios. Anytime I want to see them I can just log on to CAF and check them out. :)

5. What are your top five most wanted original pages or commissions?

1. Any X-Men, Superman or Batman piece by Jim Lee, period.
2. Michael Turner Captain America Sketch on a Fallen Son (Few are out there)
3. Jim Steranko Captain America Sketch on a Fallen Son
4. John Byrne Captain America Sketch on a Fallen Son
5. Alex Ross Captain America Sketch on a Fallen Son

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