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"It is easy for one to get lost in the information overload of modern society. But a focused, tranquil hobby such as collecting original comic art builds on nostalgia for a simpler past and increases one's appreciation of a true art form. It can add depth to one's personality and can broaden one's world view."

I started reading and collecting comics in the seventies with the German translated editions of the silver age Marvels.

In the eighties I bought some original US issues while making holiday in Spain and on flea markets. There I bought Daredevil 159 & 166. I was immediately infected by the Frank Miller virus.

Later in the nineties my affection of the Batman began. "Batman: Year One" is the greatest story arc of all (IMHO, sorry not DKR).

At the millennium change Jeph Loeb's & Tim Sale's Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory were a wonderful sequel to Year One. Perhaps my bias on Miller's Daredevil and "Batman: Year One" both based on stories of mobs in a film noir art style.

In this decade I started to collect original comic art. I try hard to match my comic art collection with my comic book preferences and my budget. For this reason I like modern interpretation of classic themes and associated art of my favorite books.

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Arthur Chertowsky

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The Dark Tower The Drawing of the Three The Sailor 4 cover by Jay

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Glen Fabry 2000 AD #409 Page 23 "Slaine: Time Kill

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Walking Dead #1 Pg. 3 by Tony Moore

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Gregg and Amanda Spatz

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Brendon and Brian Fraim

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* bronze-is-gold

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Splash Page Comic Art

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Coollines Artwork

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Dave Karlen Original Art

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Tri-State Original Art

4/21/2018 12:37:00 PM

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