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Advertising on (CAF) is the premiere website serving the comic art collector, art dealer, retailer, and comic artist. If you're involved in comic art at any level and are looking for ways to market your products and services then CAF is the site you should turn to first. CAF has a few established advertising options and we're willing to explore other opportunities with you if you have an idea for a creative way for CAF to market your business.

CAF has been online more than 12 years (launched February 2003) and has a solid regular user base of more than 110,000 registered collectors and artists. Each month CAF receives more than 500,000 visits from 350,000 unique visitors, which in turn generate more than 3,000,000 (million) pageviews per month. CAF is truly an international site, with 55% of it's traffic coming from non US Countries, primarily France, Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom and Spain.

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Our Sponsorship Ad positions can be seen in the left column of the site. The Ad is made up of two distinct ad sizes:

1 - 125px x 140px (limit 15k, no animation)
2 - 125px x 70px (limit 5k, no animation)

When the left column is loaded we rotate the top position evenly between all the active advertisers to give each equal exposure to the larger of the two ad sizes. Once the top ad is chosen by our programming we randomly load all the remaining active ads with the smaller of the two ad sizes. Sponsorship ads are shown with every pageload of the site, so advertisers can expect to receive roughly 5,000,000 (million) ad impressions per month. Gifs and JPGs are allowed. The cost of this position is $300/month.


Our Banner Ad position can be seen at the top of the right column on the site. The size of the ad is as follows:

1 - 300px x 150px (limit 24k, animation allowed)

Banner ads are shown with every pageload of the site, however your ad will be in a rotation will other ads in that position. Each ad is shown equally with all current ads. Typically there are between 10-14 active Banner ads on the site at a given time, so each ad typically receives between 300,000 and 400,000 ad impressions per month. Gifs and JPGs are allowed. The cost of this position is $175/month. This ad can have two different images for the advertiser, if they choose.


This advertising position will be exclusive to one advertiser each calendar month. The starting cost for this ad position each month is $750. Advertisers have the option to bid for the space in $50 increments over the $750. We'll keep the option to bid open until the 25th day of the preceding month, at which time we'll close the bidding and collect the ad materials for next month's advertiser. Bids placed will be blind, and we'll keep the current bid for the upcoming year listed below for each month. Please Contact Us with any questions or to place a bid.

1230px wide by 80px tall, no animation

Current Bids Through 2017

December 2016 - RESERVED
January 2017 - $750
February 2017 - $800
March 2017 - $750
April 2017 - $750
May 2017 - $750
June 2017 - $750
July 2017 - $750
August 2017 - $750
September 2017 - $750
October 2017 - $750
November 2017 - $750
December 2017 - $750


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