Site Feature Free Membership Premium Gallery Owner Description
Unlimited Gallery Rooms and Images x x Today, whether Premium or not, a Gallery Owner has unlimited Gallery Rooms they can create, as well as images they can store. At some point in the future there might be some restrictions placed on Free Memberships, but Premium Gallery Owners will never be limited to the amount of Gallery Rooms or artwork they share on the site.
Comic Art Classifieds x Create Rooms with Art For Sale and have them included in our Classifieds section. This area is going to have many improvements added in 2006 as it has become one of the hottest areas of our web site.
Watch Site Member Galleries x Enjoy a certain member's collection and want to know when they update their Gallery? Only Premium members can watch other member's Galleries and a list similar to the Most Recent Updated list in the right hand column is provided for Premium members. Watched Galleries are also included in the Email Alerts (below) so Premium members never miss an update.
Email Alerts x Email Alerts let Premium members configure a set of keywords on the web site. Those keywords then are used to a daily email alerting them to artwork added to the site matching their keywords. Results are broken out by artwork in a member's Gallery Room, Classified, or if the artwork came from the For Sale section. Find out about artwork for sale from your favorite reseller before they even have the opportunity to make an announcement on their own web sites! Stored keywords also give you fast access in an Advanced Site Search that only Premium members have access to.
Fast Access to eBay Auctions x Store your Favorite eBay keywords and eBay Seller's names on and get fast access to see new items added to eBay's original comic artwork category. eBay search results are returned within our web site so you never have to leave unless you want to bid on something.
Delete Unwanted Comments   x Everyone gets unwanted comments that just seem lame sometimes. As a Premium member you can delete them!
Have a Dashboard!   x The Dashboard is only available to Premium members and contains some great information about your Gallery, from the number of views all your artwork has gotten, to the top 10 pieces with views and comments. You can also set it to be your homepage when you visit the site, and customize the page's contents. Don't like the ebay blocks? Get rid of them! Want to have commonly searched on words show up right away on the Dashboard? You got it. This is a great feature.
Multiple Image Upload x Rather than just uploading one image at a time, Premium members can upload up to six images at once.
Increased Image Upload Size x Today we reduce the height of images to 800 pixels when your image is uploaded. Premium members have a maximum image size of 1250 pixels, large enough for a 17" tall piece of art to be shown at 72dpi and 100%.
About Me Page x Tell your story! Share a picture of yourself!
Get Featured! x Premium Gallery Owners are randomly featured on our homepage and are also listed on Premium Members Thank You Page!