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1968-10 Buscema/Adkins: Sub-Mariner #6 p02

Artists: John Buscema (Penciller) ,  Dan Adkins (Inker)

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1968-10 Buscema/Adkins: Sub-Mariner #6 p02 Comic Art
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Artwork Details

Title: 1968-10 Buscema/Adkins: Sub-Mariner #6 p02
Artist: John Buscema (Penciller)
Artist: Dan Adkins (Inker)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
For Sale Status: NFS
Views: 1,014
Likes on CAF:
Comments: 19
Added to Site: 3/12/2014
Comic Art Archive:


"...with fast moving scripts by Roy Thomas and sprawling art by a John Buscema (who was just entering his most dynamic period). The early issues of the Sub-Mariner Strip were some of the best kept secrets at Marvel!
In Sub-Mariner #6 (Oct. 1968) [..] the near insane Tiger Shark escapes from the laboratory and take Namor's girlfriend, the Lady Dorma, hostage. I seems that he's gotten the idea that on the basis of getting away from the Sub-Mariner, he's entitled to the crown of Atlantis (...). in the meantime, his curvaceous sister, Diana Arliss, dons a diving suit and in defiance of Dr. Dorcas ("I'm going after my brother ... and ... you'd better hope that I find him, before it's too late, or else you'll learn that a woman, too, can know the thirst for revenge!")..."
--Pierre Comtois: Marvel Comics in the 1960s, p. 210-211


User Comments

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Lee Benaka 
Member Since 2004

Posted on 3/12/2014

Very nice Dietmar! I love Buscema/Adkins Subby art. Thanks for sharing!

Brian Peck 
Member Since 2003

Posted on 3/12/2014

Gorgeous! Love them Buscema Women! Congrats!

Carlos DS 
Member Since 2006

Posted on 3/12/2014

Buscema/Adkins for me the best team !!! congrats Dietmar !

Carlos DS 
Member Since 2006

Posted on 3/12/2014

Hey dietmar I am very jealous!;)

Gene Park 
Member Since 2004

Posted on 3/12/2014

That John Buscema guy wasn't bad, was he? Nice page!

Joseph Serpico 
Member Since 2009

Posted on 3/12/2014

I like the look of a broad shouldered woman. And oh, the page is great too...

Hart Rieckhof 
Member Since 2004

Posted on 3/12/2014

Classic John Buscema!

Rob L 
Member Since 2003

Posted on 3/12/2014

That is SWEET! Nicely done!

frank x townsondecker 
Member Since 2006

Posted on 3/12/2014

Sweet page, congrats!

Aaron N.  
Member Since 2009

Posted on 3/12/2014

Excellent page from one of the best Buscema jobs EVAH.

David Gee 
Member Since 2005

Posted on 3/13/2014

BRAVO! A great page!

Dennis De Pues 
Member Since 2010

Posted on 3/13/2014

Outstanding page!This ,early 8 issue run by Big John is certainly no secret to us JB fans.What a magnificent run! Congrats on a stunning page!

Bill Thomson 
Member Since 2004

Posted on 3/13/2014

Really beautiful page!

Tommy Kohlmaier 
Member Since 2008

Posted on 3/14/2014

John and Dan were superb on Subby (and the Surfer), beautiful Piece, congrats !

artless artmore 
Member Since 2013

Posted on 4/30/2014

What a perfect example of each of these amazing artist's abilities! Beautiful page!

Jean Andre Macchini 
Member Since 2006

Posted on 5/13/2014

Very nice ! Congrats Dietmar !

Timothy Guerrero 
Member Since 2009

Posted on 7/11/2014

Very nice Tiger Shark by John!

rechad lahmar 
Member Since 2006

Posted on 11/8/2014

nice buscema !!

bob fish 
Member Since 2011

Posted on 12/13/2015

Another great page !!!

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