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Fantastic Four #108 pg20 1971 Buscema Sinnott

Artists: John Buscema (Penciller) ,  Joe Sinnott (Inker)

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Fantastic Four #108 pg20 1971 Buscema Sinnott Comic Art



Artwork Details

Title: Fantastic Four #108 pg20 1971 Buscema Sinnott
Artist: John Buscema (Penciller)
Artist: Joe Sinnott (Inker)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
For Sale Status: NFS
Views: 1,447
Likes on CAF:
Comments: 21
Added to Site: 11/23/2010
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Fantastic Four #108 page 20 from March 1971, with art by John Buscema and Joe Sinnott.

I love the way all 4 members are in the large middle panel and the image of Mr Fantastic wrapping up The Thing in his arms is (for me) iconic! That, plus Annihilus! Wow!

Buying this page was a HUGE stretch for me and I can't believe I own the end page art to a silver age FF book! I hope you enjoy it as much as a I do.


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mark depolito
Joined: January 2008

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Member Since 2007

Posted on 11/23/2010

Woah - great pick up!

robert frey
Member Since 2004

Posted on 11/24/2010

that is a superb page and definitely worth the sacrifice! (:

Carlos DS
Member Since 2006

Posted on 11/24/2010

great page ! congrats !!

Parker Jluc
Member Since 2006

Posted on 11/24/2010

Yes great and power page ^^

Ron Sonenthal
Member Since 2007

Posted on 11/24/2010

Classic page! Congrats!

Michael  Mikulovsky
Member Since 2009

Posted on 11/24/2010

Congrads! Very cool this was for me my golden age of the FF. The issues from 70 & 71 by John Buscema & Joe Sinnott.

Javier Cuevas
Member Since 2008

Posted on 11/24/2010

What a great creative team...Congrats!

Aidan (Re-Legion ) Lacy
Member Since 2005

Posted on 11/24/2010

To paraphrase the late great (Uncle) Ben Parker.."With great artwork comes great satisfaction ! " The final panel with the "Next Issue " blurb is so classic. Enjoy

Ronan Killack
Member Since 2008

Posted on 11/24/2010

Way to go for it! And, given the page, I would say well worth it!

Member Since 2004

Posted on 11/24/2010


Aaron Sultan
Member Since 2004

Posted on 12/18/2010

Great page Mark! Full of action, and drawn by one of the greatest of all time!

Lloyd White
Member Since 2007

Posted on 1/5/2011

It doesn't get much better than this--congrats on a wonderful page!

Edward Grekoski
Member Since 2006

Posted on 1/9/2011

I love it! Superb composition and a great pickup..Congrats!

Daniel Cas
Member Since 2009

Posted on 2/26/2011

Your description here says it all, Mark. It may have cost you alot of money. However, remember the wise words told to Charlie ~ by his Grandfather ~ in regards to selling his golden ticket. He said, "They make money every day. So they'll never run out of it. Don't you know there are only 5 of these golden tickets in the whole world? Only a dummy would give up something so valuable for something as worthless as money. Are "you" a dummy?" With that in mind, there's only "1" of this great work of art in the whole world. Anyway, that's how I've always seen it. So never regret sacrifices being made to own art created through the grace of God, rather than something produced through the greed of men. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

Bill Thomson
Member Since 2004

Posted on 6/7/2011

You might have a paid a hefty price, but this is as good as any FF page on this site! I just love John Buscema's rendition of the Thing.

Rafael Amat
Member Since 2008

Posted on 1/12/2012

GREAT and FANTASTIC page!!!! Congrats!!

Lorenzo Fratini
Member Since 2008

Posted on 1/14/2012

Beautiful cliffhanger in the last panel! This page represents moreless evrything superhero comics are about. A landmark in any collection, congrats.

Alex Bullock
Member Since 2006

Posted on 3/24/2012

Wow! Buscema and Sinnott at their peak! I love this work, and seek it out myself! Bravo!

bob fish
Member Since 2011

Posted on 9/1/2012

A great action page ! Congrats

Alex B
Member Since 2008

Posted on 3/7/2015

Congrats for this incredible classic page. It doesn't get better than this !

Paul P
Member Since 2011

Posted on 5/24/2016

WOW! Great action-packed Silver Age FF page by a masterful artistic team!! Love the reveal of Annihilus in the 2nd to last panel and the team's reaction. Major congrats!

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