BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: The War of Eden (Mini-Series) #1 (July 1995); featuring Apollo, Starbuck, Athena, Baltar and the Cylons!

Artists: Rob LIEFELD (Penciller) ,  Jon SIBAL (Inker) ,  Robert NAPTON (Writer)

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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: The War of Eden (Mini-Series) #1 (July 1995); featuring Apollo, Starbuck, Athena, Baltar and the Cylons! Comic Art


Additional Images:

Battlestar Galactica (Mini-Series) #1 published comic

Captain Apollo (Richard Hatch)

Lt. Starbuck (Dirk Benedict)

Lt. Athena (Maren Jensen)

Baltar (John Colicos)

Cylon Centurian



Artwork Details

Title: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: The War of Eden (Mini-Series) #1 (July 1995); featuring Apollo, Starbuck, Athena, Baltar and the Cylons!
Artist: Rob LIEFELD (Penciller)
Artist: Jon SIBAL (Inker)
Artist: Robert NAPTON (Writer)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Cover
For Sale Status: Not For Sale
Views: 857
Likes on CAF:
Comments: 2
Added to Site: 6/15/2005
Comic Art Archive:



After a 14 year(!) hiatus, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA returns to comics with a bang - this was the first BATTLESTAR GALACTICA comic book to be published since the Marvel Comics series ended in 1981!

This is the Original Art for the Cover of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: The War of Eden #1 (July 1995), a four-issue mini-series published by Maximum Press. This Cover was pencilled by Rob Liefeld and inked by Jon Sibal. The artwork has been autographed by Rob Liefeld along the bottom border.

This series picks up the story 20 years (yahrens) after the last episode of the TV series.

Battlestar Galactica - created by Glen A. Larson.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is copyright (c) & trademark NBC / Universal; licensed to Maximum Press.


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Ben Bressel wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
awesome! let me know if you ever decide to part with it!
Posted on 11/5/2006

Kenneth Gagnon wrote: Paid Member    [ Quote & Reply ]
Rob's Cover Art ..... I Love It !
Posted on 5/30/2014

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