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TOMB OF DRACULA 44 p 22 - Gene Colan

Artists: gene  colan (Penciller) ,  tom palmer (Inker)

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TOMB OF DRACULA 44 p 22 - Gene Colan Comic Art



Artwork Details

Title: TOMB OF DRACULA 44 p 22 - Gene Colan
Artist: gene  colan (Penciller)
Artist: tom palmer (Inker)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
For Sale Status: NFS
Views: 660
Likes on CAF:
Favorited on CAF: 1
Comments: 4
Added to Site: 3/31/2012
Comic Art Archive: Tomb of Dracula
Issue: 44   Page: 22


I can remember reading this crossover between Tomb and Dr Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts in my room in Pine Beach NJ around 1983/84. It came out in 1976 but you know how it was back then. But I went to a comic and card convention in the Toms River Elks Club and bought about 50 issues of Dr Strange for 25 cents each. When I eventually came upon the words "continued in Tomb of Dracula 44" at the end of Dr Strange 14 I became frantic. Obviously we wouldn't be here if I didn't soon locate ToD. (IIRC the story may have started in ToD 43, but I did not know that then.) This is one of the first pure nostalgia buys for me. Those books in high school at the tail end of my childhood really did me in. And I love this page so much as it really brings me right back to Pine Beach again. I will soon have more, trust me.


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Sean Wasielewski
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Filmore W. Bedwick 
Member Since 2003

Posted on 3/31/2012

WOW!!! I totally remeber this page. I smell some Grail! Congratulations!!!!

Mike Niederer 
Member Since 2010

Posted on 3/31/2012

amazing page...the best of both Doc Strange & Tomb. Very nice

John Sisson 
Member Since 2004

Posted on 4/2/2012

Awesome page. I will need to get one soon too for much the same reasons. Nostalgia for a great two-parter.

Sean Wasielewski 
Member Since 2004

Posted on 3/12/2013

John Sisson wrote:

Awesome page. I will need to get one soon too for much the same reasons. Nostalgia for a great two-parter.

And look at that he went and did it! John now has the best page of the issue in his CAF, so go on by and check it out! Trade me that page John!

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