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Q. What is the IX Exchange?
A. The IX Exchange is the collector nexus of the Association of Fantastic Art. The AFA is also responsible for the IlluXCon (IX) annual symposium. It is intended to provide a wide-reaching locus for collectors of original imaginative realism to display their collections, browse amazing works posted by others, and buy/sell/trade paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

Q. What types of artwork are allowed to be posted/shared on the IX Exchange?
A. All original artworks that fall under the genre of fantastic/imaginitive realism. These include but are certainly not limited to, science fiction, fantasy, horror, and similar. If you post an image that we fill does not meet this criteria we'll ask you to kindly remove it. If you have a question about a particular piece of art please ask us first to avoid any issues.

Q. How does one become a Member of the IX Exhange?
A. Anyone with a CAF Account can become a Member of the IX Exchange. Edit your profile, check the box for IX Exchange Membership, and save your Profile. If you need to sign-up for a CAF Account click here to do so, and once you are logged in edit your profile.

Q. How do I Add Artwork to the IX Exchange?
A. Once you are an IX Exchange member, when you add new artwork to CAF or edit the description of existing artwork on CAF, there will be two new checkboxes for you to select. The first is labeled "IX Exchange" and if you check that, your artwork will be displayed in the IX Exchange. The second checkbox is labeled "IX For Sale" and when that is checked your artwork will be shown in the IX Exchange Art For Sale section. General questions about adding artwork to CAF can be found here.

Q. What types of artwork are allowed on IX Exchange?
A. Images you share in the IX Exchange should fall under the category or fantastic or imaginative realism. In general, works that fall in the genres of science fiction and fantasy, horror, and RPG game related (think D&D, Pathfinder, Magic the Gathering) would qualify. There should be no spandex shown, and users who do not follow the rules will have their images removed by moderators of the IX Exchange.

Q. I'm an Artist. Should I post my gallery on Comic Art Fans or Infected by Art?
A. We suggest you follow this rule of thumb... If you are an Artist who is also a collector and wants to display both your artwork and your collected artworks, then you should create a gallery on Comic Art Fans. If you are an Artist who is not a collecor and only want to display your own artwork, then please use Infected by Art to display your work. The two sites will continue to cross over into one another to better promote the artwork on both websites where applicable.



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