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Calling All Artists!

You love comics. Youíre an artist. Maybe you have the vision but lack the story? Your talent remains unknown to the rest of the world and youíve just been waiting for your big break. Well this could be it. This could be your real chance to show the world what you have. This could be your chance to create a graphic novel, get your name on that cover AND get paid. The best part Ė the story has already been written. Everybody who enters will be on even ground. The voters will be judging the art Ė your art.

My name is Jim Moorman and Iím the author of Jamaican Flowers. Truth be told, Iíve always wished I could be like you Ė an artist. I love comics and comic art. My reality is that Iím a better writer than artist, which is why Iíve decided to offer the comic art community the chance to transform my book into a graphic novel. You get to use my story, my characters, and my plot. You create the art, the pages, and insert the dialogue. Then, I publish it with your name on the cover and split the royalties with you, the artist. Itís your chance to take that next step, make that leap, and make some money doing what you love.

I will not be judging entries. Iím leaving the voting in the hands of the experts. is the Internetís leading site for those who love comic art, so who better to judge than the fans of the work? Iíll be leaving the voting in their capable hands and rest easy knowing that, in the end, the best representative of my story will be awarded the prize.

The Rules are Simple.

  1. Read the book. If youíre going to spend a ton of time and energy ultimately creating a graphic novel, you should probably want to do it. If you love the story and the characters, youíll become inspired and create a vision of what could be. Reading the story is the first step.
  2. Submit three sample pages from any action sequence in the novel. If you would like to submit a single page from three different scenes, no problem. If your three pages are from a single scene, great. Pages can be in any medium you would like Ė pencil drawings, inks, or full color pages. Iím not placing any restrictions on submissions because Iím not the one judging. Your eventual readers will be judging your work, so submit what you hope theyíll want to see.
  3. Insert the dialogue. If youíre not a writer, then collaborate with someone who is. If you need to have multiple people (illustrator, writer, and colorist) contribute to your submission, no problem. The goal is to make the submitted pages the best three pages you can create.

Entry Requirements:

Contest is open to artists and illustrators. Whether youíre a professional or amateur, youíre welcome to submit. There is no submission fee or cost. Limit one entry of three (3) sample pages per entrant.

Entries shall be submitted through the Comic Art Fans website with the artistís name, contact information, and acknowledgement that artist is sole owner of the copyright of work being submitted.

  • Artwork must be submitted in digital image format. The following file types will be acceptable (JPEG, PDF) with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI and a maximum of 600 DPI. File size may not exceed 5 mb per page.
  • Artwork should be submitted via email to Please include all 3 image files along with your personal contact information (Name, Email, and Phone).


First, Second, and Third place winners will be announced in a November 2012 delivery of the CAF weekly newsletter. First place winner will receive the exclusive right to create the Jamaican Flowers graphic novel. Should the first place winner be unable to fulfill their obligation, rights will fall to second place, then third.

Judging Criteria:

Beginning October 15, voting will be opened to all subscribers of Voting will conclude on October 31 at midnight.


Jim Moorman Books retains all rights to digital copies of artwork submitted to CAF to be judged in the overall competition. Jim Moorman Books owns and retains all rights to Jamaican Flowers novel, story, characters, and images/graphics associated with it. Jim Moorman Books will publish the graphic novel and provide the winner a percentage of royalties on sales. There will not be any up-front advance on sales payments issued to the artist. Author will not be required to enter into any long-term contracts. A formal agreement will be presented to the winning author at the conclusion of the competition.

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