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What's a QURL? You've seen many services on the Internet before that allow you to create a shortend URL so that you can easily announce your Auctions on mailing lists and Message Boards without having the URL break onto another line, rendering the link useless to most web surfers who don't want to go through the trouble of cutting and pasting several times. Since so many of our site users and visitors sell on ebay every day, we felt adding this service to our site would benefit everyone in the comic art hobby.

How do I use it? Very simple. Visit the site you want to link to. Copy the URL from within your browser window (Ctrl + C) and then come back to this page on and paste the URL (Ctrl + V) into the text box above. When you click the Create Qurl! button you will be taken to a new page with the Qurl displayed at the top of the page. Copy and paste that link into your email, message board post, etc., and you're done. It is as simple as that.

What's in it for Although creating qurls works for any URL you wish to link to, when you use it to link to your ebay auctions has the opportunity to collect a commission if the link leads to an eventual winning bid on ebay - even if the winning bid ended up being placed on an entirely different auction! So please stop using those other short URL services and start using ours! It is just another way you can help support what we're doing here at!

How can I help? Spread the word wherever you know other collectors like yourself use other short URL services to announce or promote their ebay auctions! When you use it, remind others that this new service helps to support the work we're doing. We will be forever grateful for any and all referrals you make to get more people using this free service!

Add a QURL to your website!

Copy and paste the HTML from the text box at right into your site code. Feel free to format it however you like, but be sure to test it prior to releasing to your site visitors! An excellect service to offer, and you support our site at the same time!


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