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Original Richard Becker (Penciller) Blood thirsty Pirate Tales #8


RICHARD SALA Dr. Gruesome's Gallery Of Ghouls Art Halloween Artist Artwork


RICHARD ISANOVE original art, PUNISHER, Signed, 12x17, water color, Armed, Skull


Richard Short - The Shadow with Klaus Comic Art

Richard Short - The Shadow with Klaus

Art Details

Artist: Richard Short (Penciller)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Commission
For Sale Status: NFS
Views 289
Comments: 1
Added to Site: 2/27/2014

About the Owner

Alan Henderson
Member Since: October 2005

Richard Short - The Shadow with Klaus
Posted By Alan Henderson
Artist: Richard Short (Penciller)

Klaus by Richard Short Comic Art

Klaus by Richard Short

Art Details

Artist: Richard Short (All)
Media Type: Pen and Ink
Art Type: Interior Page
For Sale Status: NFS
Views 124
Comments: 0
Added to Site: 12/28/2012

About the Owner

Matt Streets
Member Since: January 2012

Klaus by Richard Short
Posted By Matt Streets
Artist: Richard Short (All)

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Current ebay Auction Results For Richard Short
RICHARD ISANOVE original art, SAVAGE WOLVERINE #17 cover, Signed, 11x17,Claws


RICHARD CORBEN original art, ALIENS ALCHEMY #1 pg 9, Signed, 11x17, Incantation


RICHARD CORBEN original art, RIP IN TIME #1 pg 10, Signed, 1986, Woman carjacked


RICHARD CORBEN original art, ALIENS ALCHEMY #3 pg 6, Signed, 11x17, Stabbed


RICHARD CORBEN original art, Edgar Allan Poe HAUNT of HORROR #1, SLEEPER, Signed


RICHARD CORBEN original art, HELLBOY DOUBLE FEATURE pg 9, Signed, 11x17, Mignola


RICHARD CORBEN original art, BIG FOOT #1 pg 18, Signed, 11x17, Blown up, Boom


RICHARD CORBEN ORIGINAL ART Dark Horse Presents Vol 3 #1,2011 Murky World Signed


RICHARD CORBEN ORIGINAL ART Dark Horse Presents Vol 3 #1,2011: Numunda, Signed!


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