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Each month on the website we will feature a monthly Sketchbook Theme. Each month, people who have signed up to post images on the site can add images to the Sketchbook for that Month's Theme. Contributions can be drawn by the Collector, or an original piece from a Professional. Click the links below to see what people are posting!

November 2015: They Fight With Swords and Arrows

October 2015: Creature Feature

September 2015: Jack Kirby

August 2015: Fantastic Four

July 2015: Diminutive Heroes and Bad Guys

June 2015: Jurassic Worlds or Science Gone Wrong!

May 2015: Avengers Assemble

April 2015: Comic Characters and their Vehicles

March 2015: Battle Royale

February 2015: Time Travel

December 2014: The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

November 2014: Archery, Bat-A-Rangs & Billy Clubs. Heroes with Projectiles.

October 2014: Haunting Images

September 2014: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

August 2014: Guardians of the Galaxy

July 2014: Characters of Myth or Legend

June 2014: Transformers

May 2014: The Sinister Six or Sentinels

April 2014: Captain America and/or The Winter Soldier

March 2014: Epic Battles

February 2014: Robotically Tweaked Heroes

January 2014: Star Wars

December 2013: Winter and All Things Chilling

November 2013: Thor and the Asgardians

October 2013: Things that Go BUMP in the Night

September 2013: Sci-Fi Characters

August 2013: Vigilantes

July 2013: Wolverine

June 2013: Superman

May 2013: Sci-Fi All Month

April 2013: Iron Man

March 2013: MODOK

February 2013: They Came From Outer Space

January 2013: Spider-Man

October 2012: Joe Kubert

September 2012: Judge Dredd

August 2012: Spider-Man, Batman or Both

July 2012: Spider-Man, Batman or Both

June 2012: Aliens & Alien Races

May 2012: Avengers Assemble

April 2012: Con Season is Upon Us!

March 2012: It Aint Easy Being Green!

February 2012: Teens With Super Powers

January 2012: "New" Characters and Titles

December 2011: Great Detectives

November 2011: Weapons Over Powers

October 2011: Robots and Mechanically Enhanced Heroes

September 2011: The Justice League of America

August 2011: Vertigo

July 2011: Captain America

June 2011: Green Lantern

May 2011: The Mighty THOR

April 2011: Your Favorite Convention Sketch

March 2011: Alien Invasions

February 2011: Battle Royale

January 2011: The Green Hornet & Other Classic Serial Heroes

December 2010: Sidekicks!

November 2010: Wonder Woman

October 2010: Monster Mash!

September 2010: Make Mine DC

August 2010: Indie Comic Characters

Spotlight on Josh Medors

July 2010: Patriotic Themed Comic Art

June 2010: DC's Legion of Superheroes

May 2010: Top Cow Characters

April 2010: Dick Giordano

March 2010: DC's Blackest Night

February 2010: Planet HULK

January 2010: JACK KIRBY

December 2009: Give Us Your Christmas Comic Art

November 2009: Masters of the Martial Arts

October 2009: ZOMBIES!!

September 2009: Oni Press

August 2009: G.I. Joe

July 2009: Harry Potter (and other Great Magicians!)

June 2009: Transformers

May 2009: Star Trek and the Terminator

April 2009: Wolverine

March 2009: Watchmen

February 2009: Characters Who've Fallen in Love in Comics

January 2009: Werewolves and Vampires

December 2008: The Punisher or The Spirit!

November 2008: British Comic Characters - You Decide!

October 2008: Comic Strip Characters

September 2008: Afro-American Comic Characters

August 2008: Cowboy and Western Themes

July 2008: The Dark Knight

Wanted or the Incredible Hulk

Iron Man

Vertigo characters

Injustice Gang (DC villains) or Masters of Evil (Marvel villains)

February 2008: Image Comics

January 2008: Westerns

December 2007: Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps

November 2007: Science Fiction TV Shows, ie Heroes, BattleStar Galactica, Firefly, Babylon 5, Star Trek, etc

October 2007: Marvel cosmic characters vs DC cosmic characters

September 2007: Hellboy Villains

August 2007: The Works of Neil Gaiman

July 2007: Transformers

June 2007: Fantastic Four

May 2007: Spidey Villains

April 2007: A Salute to Captain America

March 2007: Ghost Rider, 300, or Both!

February 2007:Star Trek

January 2007: Marvel Secret Wars

December 2006: Golden Age Heroes/Heroines

November 2006:Characters and/or Stories by Alan Moore

October 2006: Halloween and Horror Related Themes

September 2006: Batman VS. ______

August 2006: Space Girls AND Jungle Girls

July 2006: The Avengers

June 2006:Mythic or Magical Creatures/characters

May 2006: Spidey Team-Ups!

April 2006: Sidekicks / Henchmen / Supporting Characters

March 2006: Comic Characters without Super Powers

February 2006: Image Comics Characters

January 2006: Astonishing X-men

December 2005: SuperGirl

November 2005: Cosmic Beings

October 2005: Characters made of or utilizing the elements Earth, Wind, Fire or Water.

September 2005: DC Characters Who Have Died

August 2005: Teen Heroes

July 2005: Fantastic Four

June 2005: Green Lantern

May 2005: Star Wars

April 2005: Women of Marvel

March 2005: Conan

February 2005: Unusual or Unlikely Team-Ups

January 2005: Lady Death

December 2004: Vampirella

November 2004: Martial Arts

October 2004: Ghost Rider

September 2004: Batman Villains

August 2004: The Outsiders

July 2004: Spider-man

June 2004: Swamp Thing

May 2004: The Authority

April 2004: Catwoman

March 2004: Teen Titans

February 2004: Phoenix

January 2004: Black Canary

December 2003: Batman and Superman

November 2003: Hellboy

October 2003: Super Villains

September 2003: Dejah Thoris

August 2003: The Flash

July 2003: The Avengers

June 2003: Hulk

May 2003: The X-Men

March 2003: Atlas Monsters

February 2003: Daredevil

The Original Sketchbook Project from 2000 by ComicArt-L Members


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If you have already posted to this month's Theme, a link will appear on your main Administrative Screen to VOTE.

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