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Want List For Sean Wasielewski

P Craig Russell Dr. Strange - pages or sketches
The dps from ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN by PCR could be my grail-of grails! ;-) Contact me if you have this, it is the reason pension loans were invented!!!

Tony Harris / Ray Snyder Dr. Strange Flight of Bones pages
I loved the art on this book by Tony and Ray. Exquisite!!! It is really Tony's most beautiful stuff, expertly inked by Ray with verve and flair. I would love to slowly put issues 1 and 2 back together! Paying up to $500 per page, although most go for less than that.

Paul Smith The Golden Age
I would love the sequence where Alan Scott throws the papers through the window and foils a robbery. In the trade this is pages 68-70, with the key page being 69. This corresponds to Book Two, pages 10-12 I believe, with page 11 the key page. PLEASE.

Showcase 94 or Showcase 95
Pages with The Shade wanted

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 555 Dr. Strange pages
Chris Bachalo / Tim Townsend pages from AMS 555 featuring Doctor Strange highly desired. PLEASE!!!

Frank Miller Elektra Lives Again page
I have decided that I will acquire a wonderful Frank Miller piece. Elektra Lives Again is preferred, but also Dark Knight Strikes Again superhero pages [e.g. Question, Creeper (yes I know who it is), Flash, Carrie, etc.], Dark Knight Superman or Mutant Leader page, Lance Blastoff. But really, it is going to be Elektra I think. I may end up being wrong, but the first one...Elektra. The book, not necessarily the character. I mean, Matt in his townhouse, C"MON!!!!!!!!

early Mignola Marvel pinups
I have 1) Dr Strange and 2) Ghost Rider & Daimon Hellstrom and would love more


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