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Want List For Jeff Singh

Sheena art
I am interested in just about anything with Golden age Sheena.

Hugo Pratt, Sergio Toppi, Francois Schuiten
I actively looking for art by these great European artists.

Bill Everett art
I would love a nice twice up page with both pencils and inks by Bill, preferably Submariner.

Daredevil 200 art
My first comic and I am trying to put the book back together.

Art from Daredevil 1 to 40
I am always looking for twice up early DD art, especially with the yellow costume.

Comic Strip art - Raymond, Caniff, Godwin, Salinas, Drake, Starr, King
Always looking for top tier examples of many classic strips

Tim Sale
One of my favorites and I am always looking for nice pieces by TIm.

Joe Kubert
I would love to own a nice twice-up war page with a good portrait on it.

Milton Caniff
Terry and Pirates anything but in particular Dragonlady strips.

Seth FIsher
A talent too soon gone and there is always more room in my collection for a Seth Fisher piece.

Paul Pope
Pages from 100%

Frank Godwin
Rusty Riley dailies with horses, haunted castles or other nice panels. Interested in Godwin illustration art as well.

George Herriman
wanted... on great Krazy Kat Sunday.

Hal Foster
Looking for pre-1965 Valiant sunday.

Bill Sienkiewicz
The list here is long. I am interested in almost anything Bill has done.


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