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By becoming a Premium CAF Gallery Owner and/or a Market Data Subscriber, not only will you be supporting CAF, but you'll also gain access to several site services and features that extend the functionality and usefulness of CAF. These services are optional and if you choose not to utilize them the site is still free to use as your online gallery. Please Contact Us if you have any questions regarding any of these site subscriptions or how to make your payment.

A 12 Month Premium
Membership costs $75.

Highlights Include:
Sell in the CAF Classifieds
Get Daily Email Alerts
Follow Other Gallery Owners
...and Much More!
A 12 Month CAF Market Data
Subscription costs $75.

Highlights Include:
1,000,000 Auction Results
$130,000,000 in Sales Results
10+ Years of Auction Results
Choose this option if you would like to become both a Premium CAF Member and a CAF Market Data Subscriber. You can also renew* your Premium Membership with this option as well.

Highlights Include:
Premium Membership - Market Data Subscription
* Renewals of your Premium Membership extend the current expiration date by 12 months, not 12 months from the date the renewal payment is made.



Payment for either service can also be in the form of a Personal Check or Money Order (Made payable to "Collector's Network"). In the letter, please let us know both the email address on your account, and also which service you are subscribing to. If you would like to use this as a payment option please Contact Us and we'll send you that information.

List Art For Sale in the CAF Classifieds – One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from Site Members is “How do I find Art For Sale from other CAF Gallery Owners?” We have solved this problem. Premium Gallery Owners can now “flag” one or more Gallery Rooms as having Art For Sale inside. The Artwork from these Gallery Rooms is then also located in a new “CAF Classifieds” section of the site with its own Classifieds Only Search. The Artwork from these For Sale Gallery Rooms also gets included in the overall site search and the daily Keyword Search Email Alerts.

“Watch” Site Member Galleries – Do you find yourself always checking out a particular Collector’s Gallery Room because you are interested in the Artwork they collect? Now you can “watch” any Site Member Gallery you desire and view your new Watched Galleries List ordered by when each Gallery was last updated. We even go one step further and include these same Watched Galleries in your scheduled Email Alert (details below). You’ll never miss a favorite Collector’s update again. Email Alerts – If you are looking for a comprehensive way to find everything new on then this is it. Save your favorite keyword searches into the Email Alert configuration screen, schedule the time and how often each day you want to be updated, and let the original comic artwork updates come to you. Alerts can be scheduled for delivery once or twice a day showing you new site content from the last 24 hours. All Artwork added to the site matching your Keywords is included in the Alert. The Email Alert is organized by your Keywords, and grouped by Member Gallery Pieces, Dealer For Sale Pieces, and Member Gallery For Sale Pieces. As already mentioned, we also include your Watched Site Member Galleries in the Email Alert if their Gallery was updated in the same time range as the overall Alert. CLICK HERE for an example.

6 Months Market Data Access – As a Premium CAF Member, you also can access the last 6 Months of Market Data on file. Of course we strongly encourage our Premium CAF Members to also become Market Data Subscribers as well.

eBay Auctions on – We’d like to think that after eBay, is every Collector’s favorite location on the Internet to locate original comic artwork to purchase through our central Dealer For Sale Search and our new Classifieds section. Not wanting to stop there we have come up with a way to integrate eBay auctions into Save your favorite eBay Keyword Searches (the Original Comic Art Category only!) and Seller IDs at CAF and view live eBay Auctions on We make it easy to save and organize your favorite eBay Keyword Searches and set up your search preferences just like you do on eBay today.

Upload Multiple Images to a Gallery Room – Have you ever wished that you could upload several images at a time and update their descriptions later and activate them on the site? Now you can upload as many as six images at a time and modify their descriptions later. For large updates, photos from Cons, etc., this comes in very handy.

Increased Image Size on Upload – Today we resize the artwork you upload to 800 pixels in height when your original image height is greater than that. Premium Gallery Owners will be able to upload a 2000 pixel tall image without it being resized.

About Me Page – Every Collector has a story. Share yours and upload a photograph of yourself!

Get Featured on the Homepage – Because we appreciate the support of our Premium subscribers, a new section on the homepage will randomly display one Featured Gallery Item from all participating Premium Gallery Owners.

Be Listed on our Premium Gallery Owner Acknowledgement Page – There will also be an acknowledgement page created to list all our Premium Gallery Owners with links back to their Galleries. Without their support the tools we are making available would not be possible.


Site Feature Free Premium Description
Unlimited Gallery Rooms and Images x x Today, whether Premium or not, a Gallery Owner has unlimited Gallery Rooms they can create, as well as images they can store. At some point in the future there might be some restrictions placed on Free Memberships, but Premium Gallery Owners will never be limited to the amount of Gallery Rooms or artwork they share on the site.
Comic Art Classifieds x Create Rooms with Art For Sale and have them included in our Classifieds section. This area is going to have many improvements added in 2006 as it has become one of the hottest areas of our web site.
Watch Site Member Galleries x Enjoy a certain member's collection and want to know when they update their Gallery? Only Premium members can watch other member's Galleries and a list similar to the Most Recent Updated list in the right hand column is provided for Premium members. Watched Galleries are also included in the Email Alerts (below) so Premium members never miss an update.
Email Alerts x Email Alerts let Premium members configure a set of keywords on the web site. Those keywords then are used to a daily email alerting them to artwork added to the site matching their keywords. Results are broken out by artwork in a member's Gallery Room, Classified, or if the artwork came from the For Sale section. Find out about artwork for sale from your favorite reseller before they even have the opportunity to make an announcement on their own web sites! Stored keywords also give you fast access in an Advanced Site Search that only Premium members have access to.
Fast Access to eBay Auctions x Store your Favorite eBay keywords and eBay Seller's names on and get fast access to see new items added to eBay's original comic artwork category. eBay search results are returned within our web site so you never have to leave unless you want to bid on something.
Delete Unwanted Comments   x Everyone gets unwanted comments that just seem lame sometimes. As a Premium member you can delete them!
Your Customized Dashboard   x The Dashboard is available to both Premium and Non-Premium Members, but Premium Members have access to more search features and statistical data for their owner gallery and the website. See your Gallery Stats which breaks down all the metrics about your Gallery, from the number of views all your artwork has gotten, to the top 10 pieces with views and comments, to how many Premium Members are following you. You can also set it to be your homepage!
Multiple Image Upload x Rather than just uploading one image at a time, Premium members can upload up to six images at once.
Increased Image Upload Size x Today we reduce the height of images to 800 pixels when your image is uploaded. Premium members have a maximum image size of 2000 pixels, large enough for a 17" tall piece of art to be shown at 72dpi and 100%.
About Me Page x Tell your story! Share a picture of yourself!
Get Featured! x Premium Gallery Owners are randomly featured on our homepage and are also listed on Premium Members Thank You Page! Premium Members can also feature 12 artworks on their main gallery page, 6 more than a regular Member.

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Become a Premium CAF Gallery Owner & you'll be supporting CAF and also gain access to many services and features not available to standard members.

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